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The Company

Hatch Communications is full service publishing and marketing firm registered at Regina, Canada in 1991, with offices in Nova Scotia.

Hatch Media introduced web publishing to its clients in '95 when Hatch Media launched online in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Our corporate mandate is to provide the technological tools necessary to assist our public and private sector clients to become competitive in the new global economy. Hatch Communications assists its clients to integrate their business marketing and communication strategies with the new electronic media and to maximize their global presence on the Web.

Hatch Communications has worked in partnership with Novacan Information Services since 1997. New directions for the firm include expanded training courseware, new multimedia and e-commerce applications.


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Hatch's mission is quite literally, to ‘think globally, act locally," to advance the market base of its clients utilizing 21st Century global communications technology and ultimately, to contribute to the economic and educational growth of client SME's (small to mid-size enterprise) and NGO's (non-government organizations).

The Principals

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Gail M. Martin
Partner/Marketing and Communications Manager

Editing, Publishing

After commercial design studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Ms. Martin moved to Montreal and subsequently Toronto, where she was involved for many years in traditional publishing, advertising and marketing. She published three tourism publications overseeing their design and layout, content delivery, and advertising sales. Subsequently, she was managing editor for numerous electronically produced (DTP) trade and educational publications in Western Canada, including "In Deo", which was distributed to all provincial school libraries in co-operation with Saskatchwen Dept. of Education. Ms. Martin was also the curriculum developer for the first fully accredited HTML programming course delivered in North America (1997).

Business Consulting and Training

During this time, Ms. Martin also worked as an independent consultant, doing research, concept development and writing of marketing and business plans for both the private and public sector, and NGO’s. Other contracts included trade show representation (foreign and domestic), developing and delivering training courses (global marketing, entrepreneurship), writing business plans, proposals, technical manuals, and curriculum development.

Ms. Martin has also taught university English and ESL and is currently involved in several book projects for offline /online publishing.

NSCAD, BA English Honours, (Masters thesis pending) University of Regina; Commercial Art and Marketing Research

Jurgen R. Teuwen
Partner/Technical Manager

Jurgen Teuwen was trained and apprenticed in Germany in project management and business administration. As Ass't to the Technical Director of a large European firm, he negotiated with clients and business partners, and was technical interpreter, translator and liaison to the French subsidiary.

From 1982 to 1985, he managed non-domestic sales of customized industrial equipment for a large Canadian equipment manufacturer. Overseeing a network of international representatives, Mr. Teuwen was responsible for export sales to Europe (Sweden, Germany, England, France), Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, and South Africa.

During that time, Mr. Teuwen was first exposed to computers and became the System Administrator for the firm’s first IBM Mini 36 mainframe (1984). This was the beginning of his 19 year history in computer programming.

In 1987, Mr. Teuwen established an IBM PC dealership in Germany, maintaining client hardware and software requirements, training staff and sales management. Subsequently, he founded the computer consulting firm (Com*Pro), and expanded his expertise to include systems integration, and Novell Networks. The company grew to include an extensive international client base. Novacan Information Services (now a division of Hatch Media) is the Canadian successor to the European consulting firm.

Juergen Teuwen has provided support and computer training to various groups ranging from clerical staff to business owners/manager and has conducted workshops for IT support staff of a major German bank. He has been instrumental in the design and implementation of several major database projects.

Most recently, Juergen has been active in community development through his position as co-founder and chairman of The Bay of Islands Center. He is also an editor and technical manager for Highway7.com.

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